First, we undertake a deep dive into the current program, processes and procedures to identify the present landscape of not only the insurance program but also the specifics concerning loss control, claims, contract language and exposure.

Second, we assess what we have identified as related to the various aspects of the current insurance and risk management program to ensure we have a full scope of your risk profile.

Third, we analyze the current program, processes and procedures to pinpoint the target areas we will modify, amend, enhance or supplement, and create a recommended action plan for implementation.

We then make team-based decisions with your input and evaluate the success of the plan and follow with continuous recommendations.

We conduct in-depth reviews of any open claims, not only to identify those claims requiring advocacy (whether on reserves, settlement, subrogation, etc.), but also to identify whether any specific loss control strategies are needed at the location. Following an assessment of claims, Genatt’s General Counsel will review sample/template contract agreements used by the insured to ensure that appropriate insurance and indemnity risk transfer provisions are included.

Items to be included in the risk management action plan include, but are not limited to:

  1. Process for Incident Investigations
  2. Process for Collection and Tracking of Certificates of Insurance
  3. Town Hall Meetings
  4. Claim Reviews
  5. Site Inspections
  6. Contract Review